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Opposite Sex

I haven't had the best of luck with women in the past. I have always been baffled as to why this should be, because almost everyone else I know has been involved in a relationship at some point in the lives.

However, during July 1998, I went with some of my friends, to San Antonio on the island of Ibiza. On our second night there, I met an English girl called Gillian. It was in a club called "Kaoos". I flirted with her for over twenty minutes, and then the magic of my first ever kiss finally happened. It was a truly great moment. It is the sort of magic that, for me, will never ever be repeated.

Ever since then, I have gone through periods of "drought", when I haven't had any success with members of the opposite sex. Saying that, I have had a few snogs with women, which have been really cool.


This is area of my life which I have had the most experience!! I have had some really mad experiences involving alcohol, whether drinking with just a couple of friends or with a big massive group. I tend to prefer to drink with just a few people rather than a big group - it could be because I'm really shy around a lot of people.

More recently though, there have been times where I've been drinking slightly more 'responsibly', mainly because I've had no-one to go out with as my friends were always busy doing other things. This means that I'm rarely available for mad drinking sessions.


Unlike the other two sections, I don't particularly want to experience this part. Don't ask me why - maybe it's because I believe all the doctors and the other organisations telling everyone to stop smoking. If anyone comes up to me and offers me a cigarette, I just refuse point-blank, but saying something like "Don't smoke; never have, never will".


Opposite Sex

At the moment, I'm going through another one of my many "droughts", but I am trying to stay positive. Even after everything that has happened in my life with females, I would be happy if nothing else happened. I have a feeling that something great is about to happen, possibly very soon.

I am wondering what the next few months will bring as far as women are concerned. If the next few months are good, than the rest of my life should be great.


At the moment, I've not been out much as I'm still trying to pay off my summer fortnight's holiday to the USA (somewhere I've been to for the last 3-4 years in a row). I'm looking forward to going on some mad drinking sessions in the very near future, but it might not be until after the New Year.


As I have already said, in the 'Past' section, smoking is one of the things I would never start doing, even if I would die if I didn't start smoking.


Opposite Sex

The future, as far as women are concerned, is looking not as bad as it was a few months ago. This has given me much hope that it will get far better than it is at the moment.

Currently, I'm still trying to work out exactly why women don't want to go out with me. I really want to be able repeat the events in "Kaoos" in Ibiza during July 1998, when all I seemed to have to do was flirt a little bit - maybe this is the way I should go!!


In the very near future, I hope to be out drinking at least one night a week - even if that has to be a Saturday night!! In the next few months, I my drinking sessions will increase and become just as mad as they were before.

My tastes in alcohol haven't really developed very much during the past few years. I suppose, in the near future, they may change slightly, but I can't see them altering much.


I can't really see myself smoking in the future. In fact, I hope I never smoke for the rest of my life. Most of my friends (including former members of this club) smoke, but I won't be joining them in their habit.

Hopes For The NIDDSC

My main hope for the organisation, which I co-founded with one of my best friends, is that it will grow and grow beyond everyone's belief.

However, another of my big hopes for the organisation is to get an "underground" type of audience. It would be great if it then grew from being an "underground" Web site, to having a massive audience. I think this is entirely possible because the predecessor to this site, received over 1000 visits in the space of about three and a half months. This shows that it could still be an "underground" site.

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